Raising Our Vibration Through The Power Of Love

More and more people are having this type of conversations these days as many are feeling alone, pressured, and uncertain of the future. It’s becoming known that we have to do things differently and what we have been doing is not exactly working the way we would like in our lives or around the world. Raising our vibration means expanding our awareness and growing a new type of consciousness. Peace, forgiveness, acceptance and love are part of that consciousness. We can, thought our intention hold space for ourselves and the world in a loving way.

Here are 3 ideas to start each day.

1.) Connect to your heart and feel it expand in your awareness as your heart beats to the emotions that are within.

2.) Anchor in the feeling of unconditional, free flowing love and compassion for yourself. Continue to fill your consciousness with this desire.

3.) Lastly, think of family and project out that loving feeling towards them. Now expand that feeling to include friends and community. Keep feeling the love grow. You can imagine a spark of light around them illuminating your loving thoughts. Next, project that loving energetic field to include our planet and all of humanity. Lock in the energy of love and hold it strong for 30 seconds as your focus on peace and love in the world.

This practice is one I have incorporated into my own morning routine. You can add a variation for #3 by writing down one name at a time and sending unconditional love to them for 20 seconds each as your work your way to including your community and the world. Total time = less than 10 minutes for the entire practice.

Leave in the comment section a thought, comment or perhaps even a blessing for someone specific, yourself  or the world.  We have the ability to hold loving thoughts together raising our vibration as a whole.


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