Maybe it has been awhile since you have experienced AWESOMENESS in your life but I know you have felt it in your past and could have a lot MORE of it in your future.

Awesomeness is the SWEET spot in life when you are bursting with delight and an overwhelming feeling of WOW, I am so happy to be alive.

Just look at the word itself “AWE” “SOME”. It invites you to bring SOME more AWE into your life!!!

Could it be that it always EXISTS inside of you and all you need to do is turn on your own AWESOMENESS switch like you turn on the LIGHT switch when you walk into a dark room?

Here are 3 ways to create more Awesomeness in your own life:


1. Decide to BE awesome. Awesomeness is a DISCIPLINE, a HABIT, and a RITUAL that you can create by first being the person you desire to be. How AWESOME do you feel when you work out in the morning? You can kick start your AWESOMENESS by deciding to take care of your physical body so that you can be the HEALTHIEST version of yourself. Just 15 minutes starts the day in an awesome way. How AWESOME do you feel when the you are hydrated? Why not start the day with a BIG glass of water. How AMAZING does it feel when you are FOCUSED, ORGANIZED and PREPARED for the day ahead? Be the one that writes out their PRIORITIES and commitments everyday and then sticks to the PLAN. Just adding one of the above brings more awesomeness instantly into your day.

2. Next SURROUND yourself with AWESOME and soak it in. How do you feel when you see a beautiful sunrise? One moment of “WOW” catching a glimpse of the morning sun can fill your day with a burst of sunshine for the following 12 hours long. What about your office when it is free of clutter and your car after it is washed. Pretty AWESOME, right? You deserve to feel some awe from that too!! Surrounding yourself with AWE can also be as simple as wearing your favorite shoes or drinking coffee out of your FAVORITE mug. You just got to own it by thinking the AWESOMENESS of it. Just quietly acknowledge and allow the FEELING of AWE to melt all over you.

3. Lastly, make your AWESOMENESS friends, family and coworkers list. The names that make that list are who you want to spend the most time hanging with ’cause awesomeness is CONTAGIOUS. You might want to tell them they are awesome too. Shoot them a note and start a wave of AWESOMENESS!

Bottom line, DECIDE to bring more awesomeness in your life. BE awesome. LIVE awesome. SURROUND yourself with awesome. You can never have too much AWESOMENESS.

Have an AWESOME week and remember YOU are AWESOME!! (really incredible, brilliant and totally awesome)!

P.S. – Leave your awesome COMMENTS below cause, remember, AWESOMENESS is contagious!!!!

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