I’m a fake, a total phony. Not worthy. Why would anyone want anything to do with me? (sometimes the voice of doubt whispers faintly, other times it shouts unworthiness).

But at a deep level underneath all of the mind chatter, I want to make a difference. I yearn to contribute to the world. I feel people. I sense their insecurities the same way I feel my own.

I have learned to live with this VAST hole in my soul that rears it’s ugly head from time to time.

Truth be told I was looking for a way out and somehow I detoured onto a DIVINE path of fate.

It’s gritty and invigorating.

It’s complicated and simple.

It points towards LOVE, SUCCESS and soul driven ACTION.

It takes chances. It starts over. It messes up and then cleans it up.

It’s a old relationship that finally heals.

It’s a new business that takes off and starts to make real money.

It’s a remodel of older home into something magical.

It’s a meaningful message that touches and uplifts the world.

These are REAL things. They aren’t fake. To some they may seem less relevant, so what?

Someone (maybe even just ONE person) may want what we uniquely have to give and then it ALL becomes worthwhile.

Everyday I move closer and closer to freedom. And grace.

I’ll choose to keep going.

Join me for lunch on Facebook Live on Mondays lunch time {12pm EST}. We’ll chat on the topic of “Unworthiness”. The bridge between the imposter syndrome into TRUST.


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