In the Pursuit of Personal Growth-

Every day I work towards GROWING myself as a person. I have come a long way and have a long way to go.

My mission is to enjoy the process, to forgive myself when I screw it up, and then pick up the pieces and BEGIN AGAIN and again. I am willing to show my vulnerabilities and SHARE MY STORY of set backs and triumphs.

It’s WHY I became of Life/Business Coach after 25 years working in the pharmaceutical profession. I felt it as my PURPOSE calling….

Here are the 3 things I know for sure in regard to personal growth. 

1.) We are all a hot mess when we are going through certain phrases of our lives. It’s okay. Really it’s okay. We can be so darn hard on ourselves. It’s part of the journey. If we keep talking about it and reliving it we only stay stuck. Give yourself a break and move on, sista. The things that don’t kill us make us stronger, truly.

2.) Asking self reflection questions is a catalyst to learning and growth. One of the most powerful is… “What am I suppose to learn about this, right now?” Now you have to pause long enough to hear the answer erupt inside of your head. If you keep analyzing every detail, talking  to every friend you know about it on the phone, and swirling around in self pity then you actually block the answer.

3.) Acceptance and Patience are superpowers. Hey, somethings just aren’t meant to be the way you think they should. That’s what self growth is all about. Accept the things you can not change and be patient while you pursue the things you can, for instance, your thoughts and responses.

When our last day comes it’s about having a CLEAR MIND that you did ALL that you could, as OFTEN as your could, for as many people as you COULD. (my daily mantra)

And in between you smiled a lot, allowed the tears to flow when you felt them, and you went ALL IN and gave life the very BEST that you had to offer based on what was going on each chapter of your life.

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