The power of words forever changed Thomas Edison’s life. Every spoken wordsmatters.

We always have two choices. We can look at every situation as a hassle or an opportunity. If we choose to complain about something then the energy around it is low. The words spoken will reflect the worse outcome. Others that hear them will also have low expectations and before long a vicious cycle of negativity has been created. It’s hard to break free once that happens.

On the other hand, positive words, ideas, and beliefs have enormous power as well. This story about Thomas Edison is an incredible reminder of the power each of us has to rewrite history. Words can break someone down or encourage them. We get to choose what we say all day long. We can lift someone up or break them down. We can use this power to do enormous good in the world the same way Thomas Edison’s mom did on the day she received the letter from his teacher.

Just something to think about while you are having your daily conversations today. Not only with those that you communicate with in your personal and professional life but also the silent conversations you have with yourself. Words are that powerful. They change outcomes. They influence every situation, every time. And by the way it might not come natural but can become an acquired skill that you can master.

That being said, I thought I would share an exercise I do with my clients to get the “positive words” abundantly flowing.
First, write out a list of 10 people that you actively communicate with. Try not to filter the names based on perceived personalities types. Just add them as they come to mind without over analyzing.

Next to each name, list out as many positive words as you can describing each one (when a negative word pops into your head just allow it to filter though without writing it down and force your mind to point to something more positive).

Give yourself 5-10 minutes per person. You may struggle with some of the people on your list. Thats okay. You need to give your conscious mind time to catch up with your intentional, more evolved mind.

This exercise will help you push through judgments, beliefs and negative thoughts patterns to others in their potential even if it only exists in your mind as minor characteristic.. Seek to see the best others and who knows, your thoughts through the words you speak might actually match up and become true some day.

To Creating Your Best Life,

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