Creating Good Energy in Your Home for 2018; Imagine what your home would look and feel like if you didn’t sweep, dust or wash the floors for a month? You would likely be sneezing from the dust and feeling an overall sense of discomfort.

Our energetic bodies and the energy of our living and working space benefit from a similar level of cleansing.

Much like the dust our furniture attracts and holds onto, our energetic field or Aura attracts  different types of energy throughout the day. Any time we have an unpleasant encounter, an argument with someone, any frustrating situations, that energy remains with us in a very subtle way.

There are many simple ways to clear your own energetic field and your home’s energetic field.

1. Rose water

The simplest and fastest way to effectively clear your energy field and your space is to spray rose water on yourself and around your space. Take a couple of deep breaths, and set an intention to clear any unwanted energies. The scent of roses is a great mood enhancer, and promotes emotional well-being. Traditionally, Rosewater is associated with love, and is believed to transmute negative energy into a positive and loving vibration.

 2. Incense

Sandalwood, Franckinsense and Myrrh are the most common cleansing incense. Before burning them, sit for a few minutes, breathe and ground, and set an intention to cleanse your home of any unwanted energies. Open all windows and  curtains in the house, and let fresh air and sunlight in.

3. Perform a complete a smudging Ritual

Cleanse and and clear yourself and your Space of any unwanted or stagnant energy, and invite what you desire to enter! Open all windows. Prepare an ashtray or a fire-proof bowl. Light the Sage bundle or Palo Santo. Both Sage and Palo Santo have anti-microbial properties, and change the ionic composition of the air, thus having a soothing and balancing effect on us.

Give yourself a clearing first by waving the sage smudge over your body from the floor to over your head, front to back. Ask to be cleansed of negativity. “Wash” your hands in the smoke, and take some over your face and your heart. Say any affirmation that feels appropriate to you – (example

I invoke the elements of Air, Fire, Water & Earth to cleanse, release and renewal ) or (Into this smoke I release all that no longer serves, all negativity, all limiting beliefs, all fears. I invite gentle loving energy, peace, ease, grace, abundance and joy into my home and into my life)

Start at the back of your space, and work your way towards the front.  Walk to each corner of the room, move the smudge wand from the floor up, pass over each window, doorway, closets, go through the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Repeat your prayer or affirmation as you work your way toward the front of the space. Lastly sage the front door, and extinguish the smudging stick. Open the front door, and place some ash at the entrance to protect your space.

Complete your ritual in any way that feels intuitively appropriate. You may bow, say Namaste or Sat Nam, or any other prayer or affirmation that feels appropriate. Proceed with your evening with Ease and Grace

About Gina:

Crystal lover and Ritual junkie, Gina immerses herself in magic daily and inspires others to explore their own magical powers through embracing creativity, synchronicity, and the profound power of Ritual. Creating Moon & Jai ritual kits is her contribution to spreading the ripple effects of the power of Intentional Living.

Described as “Magic in a box” Moon & Jai are complete ritual kits, providing every single element needed, (including complete instructions) to allow anyone~anywhere to perform profound personal ritual. Each kit is infused with high vibrational energy and clear intention to assist the new owner in manifesting their desires. The crystals are cleansed, sage, and charged on New and Full moons. Our intention is to inspire & entice our tribe to invite magic into their life. To manifest what they truly desire, develop intuition, creativity & insight, and learn to clear their living and working space, and transform the space into sanctuary through ritual.

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