Only make commitments that FEEL right, that are integrity with your beliefs and help keep your vibration high.

There are two types of commitments: The ones you make to yourself and the ones you make to others.

Let’s start with the ones that you make to yourself.

1.) Make only the commitments you can keep.

Lean in. Start small.

That’s why you make incremental changes, one step at a time. You lean in.

You start with a 7 day challenge (self imposed) vs a 120 day one. You go for the small win.

Success is built on daily wins.

2.) Commitments build integrity character and trust. 

You begin to trust yourself so when you say you are going to do something you believe that you actually will.

3.) Commitments are your fuel.

It’s your stamina to keep going without allowing interference in. It’s your eye on the prize. It’s your gusto.

When you don’t feel like getting out of a comfy bed in the morning to go for a walk or to plan your day calmly before the rest of the house wakes up you DO IT ANYWAY.


Commitments to Others

1.) This requires discernment.

Are you making the commitment out of obligation, guilt, or because you want to be liked?

Check in with your gut. Is it a high vibrational match with your soul?

2.) Is now the right time?

Are you automatically say yes and find you become overwhelmed with the number of commitments you’ve made.

Then PASS, for now.

Saying no is saying yes to honoring your time, energy and required focus.

3.) When you do commit “GO ALL IN”.

This has been my philosophy from Day 1.

Wishy-washy  is for the weak.

When you say YES go completely in and when you say NO stick to your boundaries.

Do it in your relationships and in your business. Both. It means being aligned and true to yourself.


Commitments = Courage = Confidence (stay tuned for my next blog on Courage).


Wendi B



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