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Rock Your Business


Close With Confidence
(5 Steps to Successful Closing)

Use this step-by-step program to flow through the sales conversation with confidence; close with ease while doubling sales and getting more business.
Bonus: Networking techniques to propel your business!
Goal Setting
This powerful step-by-step program is about setting goals in a brand new way that bypasses the blocks in the subconscious mind to achieve more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.
Overcoming Objections
(The ‘BUT’ Syndrome)

Overcoming the ‘but’ syndrome so that you can share your gifts, transformations, and blessings in the world (touching lives and making a difference). No more excuses!

Sizzling Sales Secrets
Sizzling sales secrets is a unique step-by-step formula that helps you share your gifts, talents, programs, and resources out in the world without being sleazy or salesy (that just doesn’t work anymore).
Life Map
This powerful program will walk you through the process of designing a life you love. You no longer have to be a victim to circumstance and can create an extraordinary life of joy, completeness, and satisfaction.
Goal Setting
This program will equip you with the tools you need to actually master the inner game of goal setting so that you can achieve more than you ever imagined. Love your life now!

Sales Mojo
Use this cutting edge program to Share your message in an authentic and genuine way, make deep connections, and build trust with your clients so that they feel comfortable saying “yes” to your products and services.
Sales Shift
Use this essential program to navigate through the unchartered waters of the new sales paradigm. Learn how to shift your mind-set so that you attract more business with ease and grace.



Your Life Your Destiny
This book will shift, activate, and propel you forward in your life and business. If you feel like there is something more out there but aren’t sure how to get it then this is a must read!
The Power of Believing
This guided audio is designed to activate your inner power and trigger the power of believing that lies deep down inside of you.
The Power of Choice
This powerful audio has been designed to help you tap into your inner power, the power of choice, and awaken your unlimited potential.

The Power of Visualization
This audio teaches a powerful visualization technique that will help you achieve goals, find joy, and live an extraordinary life (hypnosis and meditation included).
Vision Mapping
This powerful 4-hour audio series will provide the step-by-step outline for creating an extraordinary year by design using Visioning and meditation.
The Power of Influence with Serena Dyer ~ Daughter of Wayne Dyer
Serena shares the powerful ways you can influence your children and your parents based on her unique upbringing.