Life Coach Training


Become a certified professional life coach to build a part- or full-time career, or use the skills to become more successful in your current profession and personal life.
Every client has the capacity to DISCOVER their BEST LIFE.

The Life Coach’s role is to help their client access his or her power, passion and genius.



Create Your Best Life with Wendi Blum

June 22, 23, 24th in Boca Raton, Florida

5 Module Training Course

Module 1 – Passion, Purpose, Vision and Mission
• Clarify your purpose as a life coach. Create your personal Vision and Mission.
• Describe your tribe while building a community.
• Outline your niche and compelling reasons for becoming a life coach.
• Your overall goals as a life coach as a business.

Module 2- Assessments and Inquires
• Inquiries and Assessments. Asking the right question. Intake. Goals.
• The Discovery Process. Commitment and Realizations.
• The Release Process, Removing and letting go of the old to create space.
• Tools and Techniques for Effective Coaching. Templates.
• Fill your toolbox with skills to achieve practical and sustainable results.
• Help clients choose and achieve goals meaningful to them.

Module 3- Intuition, Feelings, MIndset, Genius Power
• Develop your Intuition and access your inner guidance (adjunct skills).
• The Power of the Heart: Emotions as Energy.
• The Power of the Mind: MIndset and Perspective.
• Accessing your Genius Power; Imaging and The Senses.

Module 4 – Metrics, Accountability, Assessing and Adjusting
• Metrics and Measuring real results. Accountability. Methodology.
• Setting appropriate and healthy boundaries.
• Overcoming The Fear of Failure and Road Blocks.
• Time Lines and Getting Things Done. 30, 60, 90, 120 day blocks of time.

Module 5- The Business Of Life Coaching
• Transition from your current career to part or full-time coaching.
• Master money issues, setting fees, and worthiness to be paid for your services.
• Gain the confidence to present yourself as a qualified coach.
• Aligning with holistic and metaphysical principles.
• Employ marketing and business tools to expand your practice.
• Attract clients in alignment with your vision, skills, and interests.

All that matters is that you start. Say YES to the voice of guidance that whispers inside of you, this is my time to share my gifts, talents, and message out into the world in a BIGGER, BOLDER way.

On going Training and Schedule:
• Continued online courses and interactive webinars
• In-depth in-person training yearly.
• Additional professional coaching sessions with Wendi – 2 included.
• Certification upon completion


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