What is a Mastermind?

One of the most asked questions I get is “What is a Mastermind?“. The concept originated from Napoleon Hill’s bookThink and Grow Rich“.

The idea of bringing groups of people together to share ideas and collaborate on projects together, to write out goals with a detailed plan, and hold each other accountable is a POWERFUL way to join forces with liked minded successful people that want to GROW and PROSPER.

For the last 10 years I have worked to develop a mastermind system that would act as a template for creating a successful LIFE AND BUSINESS – which is The Flourish System – Grow, Thrive, Prosper.

Flourish – Is this Group for Me?

There are currently 10 Mastermind groups meeting in communities throughout S. Florida, Washington DC, and Connecticut. All are welcome to join in and be part of the growing FLOURISH community.

For more information on locations, contact Wendi.

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