How To Meditate; Meditation 101

Meditation is a practice that helps you move through life with grace instead of overwhelm, chaos, and stress. It trains the mind to stay calm, cool and collective so that you can make better decisions, solve problems easier, and feel better in general. Part 1: How Do...

The Art of Awesomeness

Maybe it has been awhile since you have experienced AWESOMENESS in your life but I know you have felt it in your past and could have a lot MORE of it in your future. Awesomeness is the SWEET spot in life when you are bursting with delight and an overwhelming feeling...

4 Health Benefits of Walking On The Beach

When you ask most people what comes to mind when they think about vacation they will reply “the beach”. I am a BIG fan of the beach or just being outside in nature for both emotional and physical health. The beach is known for it’s beauty and yet what you really LOVE...

Impact, Change & Giving Forward

The last 48 hours has EXPANDED and FOREVER changed my worldview on poverty, community and giving back (a BIG epiphany, here). One of my favorite sayings is: You don't know what you don't know until you know. I am going to go another level beyond that

9 Ways To Be “More” Productive

What if you could get twice as much done, lower your stress level and avoid burnout all at the same time? Studies have proven that it is possible; you just need to add a few tools to your toolbox. First, start by focusing on YOU first thing by working out, meditating...






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