How do you become a spiritual badass? First let’s talk about what the new paradigm of badass looks like by looking at what one doesn’t look like.

A badass in today’s time isn’t arrogant and doesn’t wear a ripped leather jacket. It isn’t someone who wrestles with the law or is mean spirited. Today’s badass is a spiritual warrior who is willing to take risks and stand up for the rights of all of humanity. They are kind and strong. They live to make a difference. They are leaders and change agents. And a spiritual badass is going to go the extra mile and make things happen because they understand the power that exists inside of all of us.

To those of you that feel the calling to help, inspire, lead and serve, this is for you: 3 steps to become a spiritual badass.

Here you go…

1. Gather inspiration that fuels your spirit (podcasts, on line courses, reading, etc). Expand your circle. Leaders are readers. Learners are Earners. Take a class. Join a group. Be curious. Go where your mind hasn’t been before. Dare to seek. I call this an EXPANSION cycle. Fill your mind with new teachings and even old teachings delivered in new ways.

2. Let it all percolate. You have gathered. You have explored. Now, your badass self needs time to let it soak in. At this point I STOP collecting more information and just chill. This stage is about allowing your thoughts to settle and integrate. If I were to skip this step all of these interesting new thoughts would start to fade away. I would be adding more and more without sorting, filing, and processing.

3. Now create something. I write down new inspired ideas and start to formulate a plan around how I am going to incorporate them into my life. I grab my laptop or flourish notebook and head to a co-working space, coffee shop or book store and invite my badass self out.  I especially spend time alone. I have to interpret what I have integrated into some sort of retrieval system.

All of three phases all important. Even today, as I sit overlooking the turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico after traveling for the first time to the panhandle of Florida writing this blog post I am using this entire process. I have learned so much from this experience over the last week and I want to capture it.

And you, deserving one, go out and get stimulated and become your own spiritual badass.


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